We’re now successfully raising the pigs right here on the farm and loving the experience. We can sit there for hours in the paddock watching the piglets play or talking to the sows. We currently have 10 Saddleback sows and 1 Boar. Wessex Saddleback Pork is naturally tender, juicy and tasty because we recognise the value that comes out of the extra work, attention and investment that goes into every animal we raise. Our paddock pork is produced strictly outdoors and only fed on milk, pasture and milled feed from start to finish. No Chemicals, No Hormones, No Antibiotics. Free to roam in our paddocks and be put away at night in their own stalls.

Saddle back pigs are known for their superior eating attributes. They are an heirloom breed that take longer to grow out than the most common Australian white pig varieties and have a smaller litter.

The piglets are left with their mothers for the first 10-12 weeks of age where we find their weight gain is somewhat limited (due to the fact that they run around the paddocks endlessly playing chasse with each other and socializing). They are then separated with some being sold off as piglets and the rest separated into different mobs in different paddocks and tended to daily where they have access to shelters and are free to do whatever they like and to grow at their own natural rate. They then graze on a rotational basis the fresh grass and forage beneath the surface where the soil and plant matter contains all sorts of natural minerals and proteins that keep them healthy. We also supplement their feed with a vegetable-based daily ration of feed. Depending on their individual growth rates, the pigs spend between 5-6 months before they reach processing weight.

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