History of HGP’s

For over 30 years many Australian beef producers have used hormone growth promotants to make their cattle grow faster even though this can have “negative effects on eating quality” and can also interfere with ovary and udder development.

The European Union banned the use of HGP’s in 1998, yet the Australian public is still being sold meat grown in this way. Tasmania is the only state in Australia to have banned the use of HGP in cattle.

What is HGP?

HGP’s come in a variety of forms but nearly all contain a form of oestrogen, a female hormone and growth promoting steroid

How long does the HGP continue to work?

HGP’s …act on the animal for 60-120 days…Hormone levels have been found to be still high 378 days after the implant was administered”. Treatment is “followed through until slaughter.

Apart from the research carried out by the EU, studies indicate that the “residues do not pose an unacceptable health risk to consumers” but what do you think? As you have probably noticed, a certain supermarket chain has recently changed their policies to meet consumer demand for beef free from HGP’s.

We are proud to be able to offer prime, tender beef that is free from HGP and chemical residues at an affordable price – for the children’s sake!


The Ins and Outs of HGP’s by Bob Hunter in Prograzier, published by Meat and Livestock Australia, summer 2010

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