Gippsland premium paddock to Plate is owned and operated by the Andrews and Taylor family near Bunyip in Victoria’s beautiful Gippsland region. Our family farms sustainably –with minimalist intervention ensuring our animals roam freely and develop naturally. Our approach is the same with our cattle, lamb, pork and chickens – plenty of space, pasture and patience.

We believe in transparency in what we do - Our farm is not certified organic, we do not sell organic meat or products. Our emphasis is on animal welfare and clean, natural farming practices. Organic is all of these, but with certification. We believe certification is a very expensive and time consuming process particularly for the small farmer and that it does not justify the cost or guarantee a higher standard of animal health or welfare. We believe that ethically farmed meat should be eaten by everyone – not just those who can afford organic.

As custodians of the land we’re passionate about traditional, sustainable farming practices and the benefits respectful animal husbandry delivers to clients. In addition to the superior taste of free range products the improved conditions for free range or paddock animals, there is growing evidence of the health benefits for humans of eating products from pastured animals.

Crystal and Chris have a passion for farming it’s not just a business it’s a way of life. Crystal was brought up in a semi-rural area with a number of family members owning dairy farms in the Gippsland area. She spent a lot of time on the farms from a young age. As she became older and her Grandparents passed away less time was spent on the farms and more raising her own family and studying nursing. But she always loved and missed the farming way of life. After seeing in her opinion how nursing went from patient care to a business she decided to leave and pursue her passion for farming.

Chris on the other hand was always city based as a child then one might say world based as an adult. Chris served in the Australian Army Special Operations for over 2 decades here in Australia and overseas before becoming a member of Victoria Police then a Barrister and Solicitor. He is now semi-retired due to his service injuries and helps run the farms. It is true to say Crystal loves the farm and Chris loves Crystal and together with their five children they run the farm and business.

It’s like the old Army adage the big KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid - When you respect your animals and love and care for them and feed them a healthy diet… they produce more healthy animals products for human consumption for you and for our family too. Grass is their natural diet. And grass fed is the healthier alternative for you and your family.

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